Stefani Threet

Stefani Threet is the creative spirit of THREET CERAMICS.

I use sgraffito to hand carve images onto the surface of my hand-built, one-of-a-kind clay pieces. My work is often bright and colorful, and very organic in nature.  Much of my current collection is functional (think coffee mugs, small dishes, vases, salt and pepper shakers).

My design concepts began years and years ago as doodles on napkins and scraps of paper, then later made their way onto fabric, and for the past twelve years have become the landscape of my clay work. A lot of people say that my carvings onto clay look like “so much work,” but as a friend of mine responds when I ask about her three small children… it’s a labor of love.

As a child, I took my first pottery class at Fleisher Art Memorial in South Philly. Oddly enough, if you asked my mom today about my work, she would pull out the first clay figures I ever made in that very same class (lol). For many years I thought that drawing and illustration would be my calling; then I went on to take my first instructional pottery class at St. Joseph’s University while in high school and the rest, as they say, is history. After high school, I went on to study clay at Alfred University.

I am inspired heavily by music and just as heavily by nothingness and silence. The concentric circle designs in my work derive from that. From the presence and the void. Plants, greenery, nature… they are all a part of me, as well, and seep out into my work.

I hope that everyone enjoys the work, and the meaning behind it.